Story Archive

Here are the 500 word+ stories that I’ve uploaded so far. Most are stand alone unless otherwise stated.

WHY I HATE WINTER. – A flash fiction Christmas-y story of just under a thousand words. I’ve been told people have cried reading it. I’m hoping it’s not because it’s so bad.

THE LIBRARY. – A romance story, of sorts. Got  bit of fantasy thrown in too. I quite like this one.

PANCAKES AT 23.03. – A pulpy crime number. Really enjoyed writing it. Hope you enjoy reading it.

THE COW BOY. – First ever script upload. A tale of bullying and fitting in.

KEN NAZARETH – He’s a bad dude.

THE SOBER SOUP SLURPER AND THE FIRST DATE – Bumping into an ex is never easy. Dual take on the same situation.

THOSE THAT REMAIN. – The first part of an ongoing survival story which feature bad things that begin with a ‘Z’.

THE BIG ‘THREE OH’. – Everybody has a zombie story to tell and this is a snippet of mine. A ‘Those That Remain’ vignette.

TOOZ. – A pulpy tale  influenced by stories from the 50’s.

(Miss) FORTUNE COOKIE. – Betty works at a Chinese restaurant. She’s had a bad day which turns into a very bad evening.

JACK’S WIFE – An experiment of sorts. Tried to find the basis of a ghost story.

THE LUMP IN MY HEAD – A bunch of Twitter updates while having something removed from my head with a scalpel. True. All of it.

EQUALLY BUT… DIFFERENTLY. – A quick 700 words or so. Decent.

A DRINK BEFORE THE WINDMILL SPINS. – A short, quick, different kind of read told in the second person about a man going home. I like this one.

HIS RUBBER SPINE. – A young man ponders his past, present and future in the driving seat of a car.

THE GIRL ON THE WALL. – Um… It’s a about a girl that’s been tied to a wall. As close as I get to psychological horror.

LOST ID. – Nick Holm arrives at work to find that nobody knows who he is. Then he sees the Men With No Faces.

THE DIRTY BLONDE (INTRO) – A detective is called to a crime scene just in time to see his newest client being pulled out of the water. An intro.

THE WAREHOUSE. – A killer is tracked to a warehouse. Black goes in to get him. Sci fi elements.

BLOOD N WATER. – A local crime story. 2500ish.

LARRY THE CUDDLY SUGAR GLIDER TOY. – This is an idea (maybe) in progress. A man suffering a tough time then a sweary toy starts talking to him. But then TED came out…

THE DAY THE CIRCUS CAME TO TOWN – When the circus rolls into town memories of youth are stirred.


The stories below are VERY short stories. Mostly 100 words. Since the exercise was suggested to me I have found it a fun and useful way to mould a small idea into something.  Maybe these acorns will grow into something bigger. Maybe they won’t. For now, they are friendly, bite sized, tiny tales.

THE SHADOWS – It’s only my imagination. Isn’t it? 100 words.

THE LETTER WRITER. – A child writes Santa a letter. 100 words.

THE FICTIONAL CHARACTER – He’s had enough of people taking the credit for his work. He’s gonna do something about it! 100 words.

THE BAR FLY – A guy sits at a bar. No joke this one. 100 words.

THE THIEF – Inspired in some part, I suppose, by an ‘Our Lady Peace’ song of the same name I heard my brother mention the other day. 100 words of sadness.

THE REALIST – 100 word of romantic realism for you!

THE ROMANTIC – 100 words. Features the word rabies.

THE VIGILANTE – Another quick story. Even shorter this time. 100 words.

THE BAKER – A Short Short story. 150 words.

Tell me what you think. Leave a comment. That would make my day. Especially if you feel like you could do something with the stories (comic book artist, film-makers etc…). That would be cool.

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